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TDD Series Capacitors (Directed Energy Applications)

The Quantic™ Evans hybrid wet tantalum capacitors are ideally suited for directed energy applications such as high power pulse microwave (HPM), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), laser targeting systems and weapons, LIDAR, and more.

The Legacy Quantic™ Evans’ capacitors have been designed-in and currently support dozens of cutting edge directed energy applications for numerous U.S. national labs and tier-1 defense and aerospace contractors.


  • Ultra-Low ESR: Minimizes voltage droop during the transmit pulse cycle.

  • No Current Limit: Can be discharged into a dead short repeatedly without damage.

  • SWaP Optimized: Compact size allows our capacitors to be placed close to the emitter, minimizing losses due to long wires or traces.

  • Hybrid Wet Tantalum Technology gives QUANTIC™ EVANS' capacitors their designation as the most power-dense capacitors in the industry.


Some Applications

Drone Defense—Microwave Quantic™ Evans’ TDD capacitor series is providing support to a recently developed C-UAS pulse system which provides static and mobile C-UAS defense capabilities. Using electromagnetic pulse technology, the C-UA pulse system detects and disables unwanted drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The platform is a high-power microwave (HPM) technology-based directed energy weapon system developed to provide counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capabilities. Quantic™ Evans replaced aluminum polymer capacitors on the CUA pulse system with its TDD capacitor. One Quantic™ Evans TDD capacitor did the job of an entire string of the aluminum polymer capacitors.

HAPLS—Laser The L3-HAPLS Laser was designed, developed and constructed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Development of the HAPLS required high power in the pulser. Each pulser contains its own local energy storage capacitor bank consisting of three TDD Quantic Evans capacitors.

Space Applications Quantic Evans’ capacitors are space-grade and routinely tested and qualified to NASA IEEE INST-002. We have a 15+ year legacy of providing high-reliability capacitors to the space industry, including programs such as the International Space Station, Magnetosphere Multiscale (MMS), Axiom Commercial Space Station, Starline, and in the electric propulsion (Ion Thruster) systems of many satellites in service today. Our capacitors have also been approved by the European Space Agency for use on the ROSE-L satellite.

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