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Quantic™ Evans Approved by the European Space Agency (ESA)

Quantic™ Evans hybrid wet tantalum capacitors are perfectly suited to handle the unique requirements demanded in space applications and are routinely screened and qualified to NASA EEE-INST-002 in addition to individual mission requirements. Quantic™ Evans capacitors have also obtained European Space Agency (ESA) approval.

Quantic™ Evans capacitors are the most power dense in the industry and provide significant SWaP savings compared to other capacitor technologies, making them ideal for space products where minimizing volume and weight are critical design considerations.

Quantic Evans’ hybrid wet tantalum capacitors are approved by the ESA for use on the Copernicus Radar Observation System for Europe in L-band (ROSE-L) environmental monitoring satellite.

Approval follows a three-year process of evaluation by a Tier 1 European Aerospace company. Quantic Evans’ TDD Series power-dense capacitors are replacing the solid tantalum capacitors previously used on the spacecraft saving significant space and weight.

The ROSE-L satellite will provide continuous day-and-night all-weather monitoring of Earth’s land, oceans and ice, and offer frequent images at a high spatial resolution.

Quantic Evans has a 25-year legacy of providing high reliability capacitors to the space industry, including programs such as the International Space Station, Magnetosphere Multiscale (MMS), Axiom Commercial Space Station, Rose-L, and in the electric propulsion (Ion Thruster) systems of many satellites in service today.

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