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A New Technology Selected by the European Space Agency

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

by Arif ERKOCA, PhD

Business Development Director (Electronics Valley Inc.)

In this Blog Article, we would like to introduce to you a company which offers top-notch technologies for the space industry throughout the world. Our Electronics Valley Team has recently conducted a meeting with the executive board of this company to learn more about them. Here is O.C.E Technology from Ireland!

O.C.E. Technology is a European company set up to provide high-reliability products and related software and services for demanding applications including aerospace. The company is supported by the Irish government and cooperates with the European Space Agency in developing products to improve the productivity of embedded software developers.

Located in Dublin, OCE’s products include a debug software tool for SPARC and ARM based systems-on-chip (SOC) devices, a range of radiation hardened SOCs including the Leon4 based E698PM, and system-in-package (SIP) devices.

OCE has developed its debugging tool DMON with support from the European Space Agency (ESA,) and recently extended DMON to support ESA’s new AGGA-4 SOC. Originally developed for a customer in China, DMON’s unique fetures make it the debugging tool of choice when developing software for systems on a chip based around Sparc or Arm processors. Of particular interest in a space context are OCE’s system-in-package (SIP) products which are extremely robust, compact, light weight, and in many cases radiation hardened. OCE offers a custom SIP design service for companies wishing to produce proprietary OBCs or other systems housed in an SIP package.

In our meeting with OCE, we were presented how OCE's high performance solutions are also considered as the most cost effective by the industry. It was also quite fascinating for us to learn that

  • OCE's E698PM radiation-hardened system-on-chip was selected by a Swiss design house to be installed in solar panel control of multiple satellites, together with the incorporation of OCE's system-in-package radiation tolerant SRAM modules.

  • OCE's SIP SDRAM parts were selected by a German space organization which designs memory storage systems for satellites, storing and retrieving the payload data obtained by high resolution instruments such as SAR and hyperspectral cameras.

  • OCE's debug software tool DMON identified a fix to an obscure bug in The European Space Agency's AGGA-4 navigation processor within few days, where months of investigation had been in progress before the introduction of OCE's DMON.


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Erdinç Oğuz
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