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I am the Business Development Director of the companies Electronics Valley Inc ( and BUPAT Global LLC ( After getting my PhD Degree in Physics from University of Arizona (2010 Graduate), I started my private sector career in 2010 and have worked in close relationship with industry-leader technology companies. I am also one of the directors of EV TechNEWS, directing the activities within the EV TechNEWS platform.

For over 15 years, I have also been teaching Physics and Mathematics as a private tutor through both online platforms and in-person sessions. During my PhD studies, I also taught several Optics Lab classes for students majoring in Astronomy, Physics and Engineering.

In December 2018, under my supervision, Ashlar STEM Academy platform was created under Electronics Valley Inc. so as to provide as many students with an opportunity to enjoy the true nature of and beauty of Science and Math while improving their grades, grasping the overriding ideas, concepts and theories, acquiring advanced problem solving skills, and learning beyond what is written in the textbooks as possible. One of our goals in founding this unique platform is also to help all dedicated and enthusiastic youth be well prepared for their future STEM careers and help them learn through understanding the very meanings of theoretical concepts, and being avid observers of the physical world surrounding them.

I have been also running the Facebook Group “STEM Education and Entrepreneurship” as the Founder and the Admin of the group which currently has over 2,400 members from all over the world.

One can also contact me via LinkedIn and my BLOG page:



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