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Meet the Event Director Adnan HIROLI of DroneX!

A highly popular drone show, DroneX, will again take place in the UK in September 2022. As a proud supporter of this organization, we as Electronics Valley met the event director, Mr. Adnan HIROLI (AH). We are so much delighted to have met him and we thank him greatly for his time to answer our questions about the organization and the DroneX show.

EV: Would you please tell us more about Fortem International? AH: Fortem International is the fastest growing trade exhibition organization on the planet. Our vastly experienced team have been running market-leading and award-winning exhibitions for over 20 years in sectors including Technology, Environment, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Data and Finance.

EV: It must be a quite daunting task to host events all over the world. Do you work with any international partners? or do you have any offices in different countries? AH: Our 20 years of expertise collaborating with the most innovative brands and globally trusted media partners allows us to host award-winning events. Our credibility as a company with venues also helps.

EV: What kind of shows do you organize worldwide? Are they mostly technology-related events? AH: Our events range from Technology, Environment, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Data and Finance.

EV: How did you decide to organize the DroneX show? AH: Drone technology has been with us for a while however the market has emerged progressively over the last 2/3 years and is continuing to show signs of growth. We bought Helitech, a well-established show and we recognized that businesses who use helicopters are now starting to look towards drone platforms given how cost-effective they are, safety aspects, training etc ... The lack of opportunities for the ecosystem to meet and buyers to meet with exhibitors gave us a strong case to organize DroneX Tradeshow & Conference.

EV: As drone shows are getting more and more popular throughout the world, how would you differentiate DroneX from other shows?

AH: DroneX differentiates as it is an event for the industry. Representation from oil and gas, energy and utilities, civil, MOD, EMS, regulatory bodies and authorities such as ARPAS-UK all attend the event to not only buy, collaborate and share thought leadership but also give them a focal point in Europe to move the industry forward.

EV: What are the main benefits for visitors and exhibitors attending the DroneX event? AH: Exhibitors are able to showcase their most innovative tech (platforms or software) and they are able to meet with 3000+ buyers under one roof over the space of two days. The visitors who attend are able to gain knowledge and insight into what their business needs, and conduct their market research but most importantly they are then able to meet with a variety of global exhibitors to buy from.

EV: Would you please tell us the content of the DroneX show? Are there any workshops, seminars, B2B meetings, etc.? AH: We have 3 dedicated seminar theaters ( Commercial, Surveillance, Future of Flight) that accommodate 65 businesses and every half hour there are industry leaders sharing their knowledge. In addition, we have a Keynote stage that accommodates over 100 businesses who can engage in debates, panel discussions and seminars. We help assist exhibitors and visitors set up B2B meetings at the event, options to have your own specific workshop or masterclass and we also have awards where we recognize innovation.

EV: Are you planning to organize DroneX outside the UK? AH: Yes, we are looking to offer this in the US and another location in Europe.

EV: Is there anything you would like to add? AH: 2022's event is not to be missed. The exhibitor lineup and the speaker lineup are the best to date.

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