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LightWare microLiDAR™ sensors


Established in the USA, LightWare LiDAR LLC manufactures the world’s smallest, lightest, scanning microLiDAR™ sensors for use on drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

With over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of laser rangefinders and microLiDAR™ sensors for global consumption, LightWare is at the forefront of laser rangefinder technology. Through an expert team of engineers, LightWare produces high quality microLiDAR™ sensors (in small and light form) that provide machines with the essential gift of range and perception. LightWare also partners to offer exceptional service and expert after-sales support to ensure you get the best from your microLiDAR™ product.

Sensing your world

UAVs have transformed the technological operating environment. Their ability to explore hard-to-reach areas make them an indispensable necessity for almost all industries. Unfortunately, without accurate range and perception capabilities, expensive UAVs (and some with valuable payloads) run the risk of being damaged or destroyed.

Ideal for UAVs of any size, LightWare microLiDAR™ sensors are built according to world-class standards. They are also fit for multi-industry applications, with some use-cases being collision avoidance, position hold, detect & avoid, and SLAM.

How does LiDAR work?

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors work on the Time of Flight (ToF) principle, where laser light pulses are emitted into the environment. These pulses reflect off surrounding objects and return to the LiDAR receiver. The time taken for each pulse to return to the receiver is used to calculate the distance it traveled.

LiDAR equips a UAV with accurate height above ground altitude, position hold and terrain-following capability to ensure a safe and secure flight. Through advanced navigation and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) technology, LiDAR opens a whole new world for your UAV requirements.

Quick watch: LiDAR 101 tutorial (2min)

Fit for multi-use: LightWare microLiDAR™

LightWare microLiDAR™ sensors give your machine ‘’eyes’’ for it to safely navigate surroundings, detect movement, objects, and measure distances at rapid speed. There’s a microLiDAR™ available for every application, so it’s important to find the ideal fit for your job from the very beginning. This will avoid expensive time delays in the future and ensure you are informed by rich and reliable data from inception.

Specific LightWare microLiDAR™ Applications

Detect and avoid

With the microLiDAR™ sensor mounted in a forward-facing position on the UAV, you are assured that stationary and moving objects are avoided.

Height above ground

For use-cases like photogrammetry, observation, monitoring and surveillance, the microLiDAR™ sensor is mounted in a downward-facing orientation to keep track of the UAVs altitude above ground.

Terrain following

Important for when a UAV flies over hilly, unpredictable or GPS compromised terrain, the microLiDAR™ sensor is mounted in a downward-facing orientation to keep track of changes in topography on the ground below.

Obstacle detection

Most commonly, the microLiDAR™ sensor is mounted in a forward-facing position on the UAV to allow it to detect a still or moving obstruction on the path ahead.

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

Operating beyond a visual line of sight (BVLOS) in a GPS denied area - such as underground or under a roof - SLAM allows the UAV to self-navigate while building a map of its environment.

Collision avoidance

The microLiDAR™ sensor is mounted in a forward-facing position on the UAV, to ensure its safe operation by sensing objects and navigating around them.

Position hold

Important for when a UAV is required to fly at a specific and safe distance from a particular object, maintaining this position for monitoring, surveillance and inspection activities.

Key Benefits of LightWare’s microLiDAR™

Small Form

Weighing as little as 8.8 grams and measuring as small as 22 x 34 x 21 mm, microLiDAR™ sensors are ultra-small and lightweight. This is the essential benefit that sets LightWare microLiDAR™ sensors apart from its competitors!


In accordance with the international standard IEC 60825-1:2014 ‘’safety of laser products’’, all LightWare microLiDAR™ sensors are designed to Class 1M laser safety classifications.

Plug and play connectivity

All microLiDAR™ sensors are designed for seamless ‘plug and play’ integration with flight control tools and interfaces such as Pixhawk, ArduPilot, PX4, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


As data privacy and protection demands increase, microLiDAR™ sensors play an important role in that they process objects and not images. This ensures no invasion of privacy.

Why microLiDAR™?

Having your drone fly unhindered while not compromising on payload is the ultimate prize, so it really pays to get the lightest possible LiDAR for your UAV. LightWare produces high quality and world-class microLiDAR™ sensors that give UAVs the range and perception so essential for a safe and secure flight!

Find the ideal LightWare microLiDAR™ for you

Finding the lightest LiDAR to achieve required results can be stressful, so LightWare makes it easy for you by producing microLiDAR™ sensors in various shapes, sizes and weights.

Available at your fingertips: the world’s smallest micro-LiDARs™

LightWare is big into developing innovative products that don’t hinder the natural mobility of your UAV. That’s why we produce the world’s smallest and lightest scanning microLiDAR™ sensors!

It is more than just buying a sensor. LightWare is about being a partner for your project and to provide expert advice on microLiDAR™ solutions. We solve many technical challenges in multiple sectors and bring a different perspective on exceeding your LiDAR requirements.

Partner with the microLiDAR™ experts

LightWare is ready to partner with your business and help achieve your microLiDAR™ objectives. We offer a comprehensive range of microLiDAR™ sensors (in small and light form) that give drones, UGVs and robots the perception they need. We also offer tailored LiDAR solutions where quality, accuracy and data-compliance are paramount for your business.

LightWare engineers solve challenges

Our experienced engineers love solving challenges!Contact us on and ask us about your microLiDAR™ requirements.

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