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Aviation, Construction, Agriculture, Forestry


Mailing Address

F06 Ashford House, 7 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate, Gauteng, 1692, Republic of South Africa

Established in the USA, LightWare LiDAR LLC manufactures the world’s smallest, lightest, scanning microLiDAR™ sensors for  use on drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With over 40  years’ experience in the manufacture of laser rangefinders and  microLiDAR™ sensors for global consumption, LightWare is at the  forefront of laser rangefinder technology. Through an expert team of  engineers, LightWare produces high quality microLiDAR™ sensors (in small  and light form) that provide machines with the essential gift of range  and perception. LightWare also partners to offer exceptional service and  expert after-sales support to ensure you get the best from your  microLiDAR™ product.

Find out more about LightWare’s microLiDAR™ UV & IoT solutions 

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