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Aerospace, Defense, Aviation, Electronics, Automotive, Automation


Mailing Address

405 N Wabash Avenue Unit 4806, Chicago IL, USA

ELECTRONICS VALLEY Inc. (EV) is an organization acting globally, with an  intent to create a communication platform for a wide spectrum of  industries specialized in aviation, aerospace and defense technologies.  EV is devoted to knowledge sharing through networking, learning and  developing partnerships. Having an ultimate goal of "Becoming an indispensable Knowledge Hub",  EV has been organizing very significant and popular technology  events in the fields of aviation, avionics and defense industry  technologies since 2007. These events have grown richer both in scope  and content, bringing together all key players from public and private  sectors, and creating synergy among international organizations.

ELECTRONICS VALLEY Inc.'s EV ACADEMY offers "industry-ready" advanced courses for aviation, aerospace and  defense industry professionals, engineers and technology enthusiasts.  These courses equip the attendees with strong knowledge of the topics  presented and inspire continued personal progress in their careers.   Presented by experts of their fields, these courses gain a lot of  attention from the defense and aerospace industries. So far, EV ACADEMY  Instructors have trained 1,000+ engineers and managers on various  advanced topics including DO-254, DO-178C, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761,  ISO-26262, Basic System Engineering, RF Engineering and more.


  • Accelerate and utilize the development of new technologies in the Aerospace and Defense Industries,

  • Create synergy among the local and international companies and institutions,

  • Help small and medium-sized developing enterprises support the industry,

  • Support the R&D activities and provide them with a platform to introduce themselves to the industry,

  • Educate and motivate the young entrepreneurs, science and engineering students who would like to pursue their careers in the fields of aerospace, aviation and defense electronics.


To become an indispensable source of knowledge for the aerospace and defense industry professionals.


To create a platform where aerospace and defense industry professionals network with each other, learn from each other and develop long term business relationships between their organizations; to create a platform where industry, R&D and academia meet and exchange knowledge; to utilize the communication among high technology companies and research institutes.

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