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Energy, Aviation, Automotive


Mailing Address

12-3 Yanagida, Yokote City, Akita, 013-0054, Japan

CEO: Takenobu Hongo

Foundation: January 2010

Capital: 140 million yen

Business: Manufacture and sale of motors, coils, automotive and industrial equipment parts

Employees: 116 people

Certificates: ISO9001 JQA, ISO14001 JQA

ISO 9001 Quality Policy:

We,  Aster Co., Ltd., will continue to effectively improve our management  system in order to support the trust and satisfaction of our customers  and the strategic direction of our company.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy:
We,  Aster Co., Ltd., will continuously try to improve our management  system, and recognize that tackling environmental problems is a common  issue for all human beings, and aim to manufacture products that  contribute to society with each and every employee having environmental  consciousness.

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